Smart shoes will not let their children watch 2015-08-03 09:38:15 / CONFERENCES

"MediaTek LinkIT" to follow the direction of the company, which allows parents to move their children to prepare smart shoes. According to the website, the first shoe designed for smart-hour Aster MT2502 is based on a technological platform. The platform supports GSM and GPRS networks.


Shoe and her younger are controlled through a special program designed for smartphone owners. Parents have a couple of the regime, the program can prescribe a certain area. Kids out from that area qadjetə violation warning signal is transmitted to the regime.


Miliamper 520 / hour, fed by a battery with a capacity of about 100 US dollars, the price is smart kids shoes. Shoes cloud technologies are used to transfer data. However, the hackers are not yet known what measures to protect producers.

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