Smart will determine the health status of the man in the mirror 2015-07-30 09:33:09 / CONFERENCES

"Wize Mirror" 3D-scanners, multi-spectral cameras, gas analyzers and effective diagnosis of the disease, allowing you to identify the early signs are equipped with an algorithm.


The composition of the gas mixture to accept disposal given breath alcohol or show the amount of harmful substances, scanner, or the formation of excess fat will provide information about weight loss. Multi-spectral cameras saturation of hemoglobin in the blood to determine the level and frequency of the pulse.


According to, "Wize Mirror" is being spent through the examination process for 1 minute and then the objective is achieved. But the idea is to completely take time to complete.


Manufacturers argue that such devices in the future, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders or for those suffering from chronic diseases will be one of the necessary qadjetlərdən.

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