The most unusual of smart devices 2015-07-23 14:53:01 / CONFERENCES

Smart devices are gradually becoming an integral part of our daily life. Sometimes you come across a very strange smart devices. 5 Datciklərlə equipped with internet access and information about the device in the most unusual offer.


Dubai, working with solar panels installed on the 6.5-meter intelligent artificial palm tree. Palma has a lot of functions, covering a radius of 100 meters from the free Wi-Fi, 8 slot for charging mobile phones, information services and advertising screens. In addition, the smart timber was equipped with a video surveillance system. Around the artificial palm trees, illuminating the night, "D-Idea Media" is a production of the Arabian company.


"Bluetooth" is available for order now through a smartphone connected to the smart umbrella. "HAZ Umbrella", a device with an electronic button that opened and closed. "Bluetooth" warning message on the smartphone umbrella to make the cut.


"HealthWatch" developed by "hWear" datciklərlə equipped with a smart shirt. The majority of on-line monitoring of the physical indicators helps shirt. Such information is at risk or with chronic heart and lung diseases is useful for people who are suffering.


T-shirts are screening electrocardiogram, which measures the body's temperature and the frequency of breath, sudden worsening of the condition of the body reported. Save the information received, set out on a regular basis or in extreme cases can send to contacts.


"MOTA SmartRing" smart ring is now available to order. With the new e-mail message from the ring, vibrate mode, social networks, message and transmits information about incoming calls. Qadjetin wireless charging method is carried out. For this purpose, it is enough to place the device on a special plaque.


China's "Xiaomi" company, a manufacturer of clothing known as the "Li-Ning" was produced in conjunction with smart shoes. Water-resistant shoes calculating calories burned and steps taken by the owner of the "Bluetooth" smartphone passes through.

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