Prof. Rasim Alguliyev has participated in the GEANT Meetings and TNC15 Conference 2015-06-22 10:31:29 / CONFERENCES

Prof. Rasim Alguliyev, the director of the Institute of Information Technology of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences has participated in several international meetings and the global networking conference in Porto, Portugal. He participated in the TERENA Networking Conference 2015 and GEANT General Assembly Meetings in 15-19 June, 2015.


Cooperating closely with GEANT Association the Institute of Information Technology has achieved rapid development of national science and education network AzScienceNet. At present, advanced network technologies and services are offered to all employees of scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS by electronic infrastructure of AzScienceNet.


One of the most important actions of GEANT is the TERENA Networking Conference. GEANT organized the largest and most prestigious European research networking conference TNC15, the 31st edition of TNC, which was held in Portugal, between 15-18 June 2015 in Porto. More than 650 participants are attending this annual event. TNC brings together decision makers, managers, networking and collaboration specialists, and identity and access management experts from all major European networking and research organizations, universities, worldwide sister institutions, as well as industry representatives. Conference presents participants with a unique overview of the latest developments in research networking, both in the technical field and in the area of application and management. Some of the main themes in the conference were Big Data and the Cloud, Big Data - Smart Mining, Big Science, Global eduroam, Intercontinental networking, multidomain networking, Software Defined Networking, Security Audits and Data Sharing


GÉANT is owned by 36 National Members, which are European national research and education network (NREN) organisations. Institute of Information Technology of ANAS which operates Azerbaijan Research and Education Network (AzScienceNet) represents Azerbaijan in the organization. The Institute of Information Technology of ANAS represents Azerbaijan in  GEANT Association and its partner projects with the support of relevant government agencies (ANAS, Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, Ministry of Education).


GÉANT is Europe’s leading collaboration on network and related infrastructure and services for the benefit of research and education, contributing to Europe's economic growth and competitiveness. The organisation develops, delivers and promotes advanced network and associated e-infrastructure services, and supports innovation and knowledge-sharing amongst its members, partners and the wider research and education networking community. It is owned by its core membership of 36 European national research and education network (NREN) organisations and NORDUnet, which participates on behalf of five Nordic NRENs.


Another recent significant achievement of the GEANT is that, the European Commission has signed a contract with GÉANT to expand connectivity in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries. The project aims at creating a regional high-speed Internet network dedicated the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in the EaP partner countries including Azerbaijan and integrate them in the pan-European GÉANT network.


Two million scientists, academics and students at over 700 institutions across the region will benefit from the connectivity boost. This high-speed broadband network will enable access and exchange between scientific databases and facilitate international cooperation via faster data transfer. In addition, EaPConnect will promote increased coverage of Wi-Fi access for student and researchers.


By enabling fast and reliable exchange of high volumes of data between scientists in the EaP countries and their peers in Europe and further afield, EaPConnect will facilitate collaborative research in areas such as environmental monitoring, telemedicine, life sciences and physics. In addition, stable videoconferencing will support e-learning initiatives or simply enable artists, thousands of miles apart, to perform together in near-real time.

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