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On May 15, a scientific seminar was held at the Institute of Information Technology.


The event was opened by the secretary of ANAS, director of the institute, gave information about the agenda of academic Rasim Aliguliyev. The event has been submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Technology "Viki-environment development of methods and algorithms for the analysis of technologies of information warfare" and "the development of mechanisms for the creation of a network of modern e-library" was devoted to discussion of the dissertation.


Sector head Irada Alakbarova "Viki-in information warfare technologies develop methods and algorithms for the analysis of" the urgency of the case by presenting his thesis on the scientific and practical significance, wiki-related problems in the information war, and other issues, said that the ways of their solution.


He said that the aim of the thesis in the national-cultural values ​​on the historical truth of the information warfare environment protection and wiki technologies to develop methods and algorithms for automatic detection and analysis.


In the dissertation was to reach the goal of providing information on issues related to information warfare researcher wiki-environment analysis and their solutions to the problems identified, which led to a conflict of information in wiki-pages of the method for the determination, the methods and algorithms for the detection of hidden social networks that were being worked out . He noted that under the influence of information in wiki-format multimedia resources for effective use of the proposed methods and algorithms were developed and tested in experimental methods and algorithms.


Reporter Wikipedia and the realities of national and moral values ​​do not reflect the realities of carriers or the lack of resources, protection of national interests of Azerbaijan observed sparse wiki-like environment. Describing the importance of factors such as research, he added.


The chief engineer of the debate on the report of the institute, PhD in technical sciences Rashid Alakbarov, doctor of technical sciences, professor Masuma Mammadova, PhD in technical sciences Bikes Aghayev, Tofiq Kazimov and Shafagat Mahmudova, economics PhD thesis urgency Alovsat Aliyev and others expressed in terms of importance to the field of science.


Reviewers - Yadigar Imamverdiyev PhD and Doctor of Technical Sciences to study the comments and suggestions expressed Ramiz Aliguliyev.


In the end, it was decided to launch the next phase of the thesis.

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