"VIII Olympiad in Informatics Project" The final round 2015-05-13 11:06:51 / CONFERENCES

On May 8, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies (MCIT) of the National Academy of Management Systems and Information Technology Institutes, the University and "Desire" is jointly organized by high school pupils "between the VIII Olympiad in Informatics project" s (ILO) was the final stage.


Since the 2008 Olympics, held on a regular basis in the ICT knowledge and skills of middle school students aimed at improving competition. Olympiad "Programming", "Website", "Short Film", "Animation" and "Robot" categories were presented to 70 projects in total, of which 40 qualified to the final stage. In addition to the competition, pupils of Baku, Ganja, Lankaran, Guba and other regions took part in the students.


In this regard, the selection of talented young people who participate in science competitions and giving impetus to properly represent our country in international competitions, the Olympics have a special role: "This year's 8th goal of the middle school students of ILO in times of information and communication technologies (ICT) to increase interest in this field to ensure their theoretical knowledge into practice to give a push to gain experience and to create conditions for the training of professional personnel in the field of ICT. "


Today, our country attaches great importance to the development of new projects in the field of ICT expressed director of the Institute of Systems Management, Telman Aliyev spoke about the role of youth in innovative thinking in this direction. According to him, the Olympics have provided a high level of scientific potential projects in the country is an indication of the maturation of talented young people. Scholars such as the Olympics and to determine the future of the professional staff of the importance of highlighting the work of the ILO evaluated. The project is the future of the projects submitted by the authors noted the possibility of the continuation of the institutions.


One of the priorities of the state policy in the development of the ICT sector in the country, emphasizing the Institute of Information Technology (IIT) of the Center for Educational Innovation Rasmiya Mahmudova laws and state programs have been adopted in this field, introduction of modern technologies in all spheres, network infrastructure development, everyone əlyetənliyinin purposeful work has been done to ensure that the information and knowledge, he said: "In order to develop competitive and innovative ICT industry to further enhance the efficiency of the work done in the field of ICT is very important to train highly qualified personnel. From an early age, in terms of creating interest in students such as the Olympics of ICT is of great importance. " The students who participated in the Olympics for the development of future professionals in this area would make a great contribution, he said.


News Consultant of the Department of Information Society Development Vugar Hasanov supporting the development of young people, noting the importance of such competitions for students and wished them success in their future endeavors.


Then, the students demonstrated their projects in front of the jury of the Olympiad. The project's chief engineer of the institute, PhD Shafagat Mahmudova "Programming", "Science TV" Head of the Memorial Jabbarzadeh "short film", he Shadiyev programmer in the "Website" category were part of the jury.


The projects are presented separately for each category and the winners were evaluated on criteria established. In the end, the winners valuable prizes, medals and certificates were presented.

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