Biometric technologies will grow dramatically speeds 2015-05-13 09:42:31 / CONFERENCES

"Tractica" in the next 10 years, the global biometric technology market analyst firm predicts rapid growth.


This segment is expected to rise from $ 14.9 billion to $ 2 billion in revenue.


Thus, the average annual growth rate of 25.3 percent and total revenue for the same period will amount to $ 67.8 billion.


"Consumers fingerprint, voice, eye scan, even with the help of elektrokardioqramların to confirm financial transactions. This will significantly reduce the risks arising from the use of passwords, "- he said the company's lead analyst Bob Lokxat.


According to experts, medicine, finance, and government institutions in consumer electronics market will be a great demand for biometric technology.


Asian, European and North American markets are expected to be obtained from the use of biometric technologies.

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