It was 51 years ago today, the world's first video call 2015-04-21 09:28:13 / CONFERENCES

On April 20, 1964, in New York (USA) at the World Exhibition "Bell Telephone" Company "Picturephone" videotelefonunu demonstrated for the first session took place in a videoconference.


The device is black and white screen (update frequency of 30 frames per second), and the camera is composed of two parts.


Seated in front of the elongated device into a private booth visitors of people living thousands of miles away could see on the screen and be able to communicate with him. Pressing a button, the conversation was impossible to stop.


In June 1964, "AT & T" Company, New York, Washington and Chicago in "Picturephone Mod 1" commercial videoconferencing service began assembling the apparatus.

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