Scientists: "Bitcoin can be hacked via quantum computers" 2022-01-28 10:43:00 / INTERESTING INFORMATION

Scientists from the University of Sussex in the UK have presented the results of a new study. Researchers have tried to determine which quantum computer is needed to hack bitcoin (bitcoin key). It turns out that to hack bitcoin requires a computer a million times larger than existing quantum computers. The security of the Bitcoin network is ensured by a cryptographic algorithm called SHA-256. The algorithm was developed by the US National Security Agency. This method of protection is based on a very simple idea. The idea is that modern computers cannot hack that algorithm quickly. Therefore, quantum computers have a better chance in this matter. Researchers at the University of Sussex have tried to determine how many cubits (the smallest unit of information in a quantum computer) are needed to hack bitcoin. Currently, every Bitcoin transaction is approved by the miners in the network.

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