GÉANT Association Strategy 2021–26 is now available 2021-12-01 11:38:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

GÉANT Association Strategy for the years of 2021-2026 has been released on www.geant.org. The document describes the GÉANT Association strategy for 2021-2026. The GÉANT Association is the collaboration of European national research and education networks (NRENs), delivering einfrastructure and services to research and education. It comprises member NRENs and the GÉANT associates supported by the GÉANT organisation.
European NRENs are collaborating under the umbrella of the GÉANT Association to deliver the panEuropean GÉANT network for scientific excellence, research and innovation on a global scale to advance research and education (R&E).
The GÉANT Association information ecosystem consists of infrastructures and services (from GÉANT and the NRENs) that are used for communication, collaboration, exchange of data and access to repositories, services and facilities. The GÉANT Association serves the NRENs. NRENs deliver their own national infrastructure and add services specific to the needs of their users: R&E organisations. These R&E organisations deliver the services to researchers, supporting staff, teachers and students.

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