Discussions about Veam Backup software were held at the scientific seminar 2021-11-19 17:00:00 / CONFERENCES

In the field of information technology, "backup" or "data backup" is a copy of digital data taken and stored elsewhere. Owing to Backup, it is possible to restore the original file after data loss.

This was announced at the online scientific seminar on "Veam Backup software" of the 3rd department of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS.

Presenting the report, Tural Mustafayev, chief specialist of the Institute, spoke about the types of backup process, noting that "Full backup" copies all the blocks of data you choose, but requires a lot of time and memory:

The type of backup that copies the changed data after the last full backup and requires the least amount of time and storage is incremental backup (incremental backup). Differential Backup is a method of booking small changes after a full backup has been restored.

Then T.Mustafayev spoke about the best information "backup" strategies. He stressed that it is especially important to pay attention to security when choosing backup solutions. He added that in order to protect the data stored in backups from malicious attacks, access to data resources and solutions on data resources should be limited, data should be sent and stored in encrypted form, and automated backup tests should be conducted.

The speaker also listed the features of the VEAM Backup product. He said that these products include fast, portable and comprehensive, instant recovery mechanism, as well as a more secure approach to cloud-based reservation.

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