Payments over 2020 cards payments via smartphones will replace 2015-03-30 09:20:38 / CONFERENCES

In the field of information and analytical services "Experian" According to research firm, every third Briton (sorusulmusların 33 percent of respondents) believes that by 2020 the major credit and debit cards will not be the method of payment: Payments via smartphones will replace them.

"Presently," electronic news service, according to the results of the survey, still dominated by cash and card payments, but the opinion of respondents, alternative payment methods will be used in the next five years. 67 percent of respondents believe that the popularity of cash payments will be reduced by the above-mentioned period of time. Two out of every five people believe that the use of credit and debit cards will be reduced.

Payments on smartphones is still the main method of payment that the main reason for the lack of widespread fraud. 46 percent of respondents are concerned, the time of payment over the Internet can be stripped of their identity and 60 percent of smartphone owners said that the facilities installed antivirus protection.

14 percent of respondents believe that the use of biometric data can become commonplace, while 44 percent said that the biometric scanning is ready to pay.

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