Attended a meeting of the General Assembly of the Association of the Institute GEANT 2015-03-18 09:20:52 / CONFERENCES

Chief engineer of the Institute of Information Technology, PhD Rashid Alekperov, head of department, Doctor of Technical Sciences and International Relations Department Ramiz Aliguliyev, PhD Vugar Musayev on 10-13 March 2015 in Vienna (Austria), the GEANT attended a meeting of the General Assembly of the Association.


The event GEANT (Gigabit European Advanced Network Technology) network focused on recent developments and prospects.


GEANT Association meeting, which was part of a program of cooperation with the Eastern Partnership, which is a new direction in the development of e-science infrastructure in the region were discussed. It was noted that each of the countries that have joined the program, including European countries, there are problems with the integration of e-science. To overcome these problems in these countries, scientists, researchers and students of the opportunities of e-science as well as in European countries, there is a need for new projects to ensure the peaceful enjoyment. For this purpose the creation of a regional network among the countries of Eastern Europe and the connection to GEANT is proposed. The main goal of the Eastern Partnership region, covering all the countries in the region and in e-science infrastructure and operating in more than 2 million scientists and young researchers, teachers and students to provide opportunities for closer cooperation with Europe.


It should be noted that at present the Institute of Information Technology in cooperation with the organization as a full member of the Association of GEANT. GEANT Association talks with management of the large-scale projects in collaboration with NASA is going to AzScienceNet emphasized.

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