Discussions were held on the organization of the exam on the subject "English language" for masters of ANAS 2021-01-14 18:02:00 / CONFERENCES

An online seminar of the Training and Innovation Center (TIC) of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS was held. At the seminar, the head of TIM, PhD in technical sciences Rasmiyya Mahmudova, chief specialist Kamala Gurbanova, leading specialist Sevda Safarova, programmer Ragif Ismayilov and other employees of the department, the head of the master's department of ANAS, Ph.D. Karimulla Mammadzade, English teacher Aynur Maharramova, head of the Education Department of the institute, Ph.D. Farhad Yusifov, as well as representatives of the group of masters admitted to the master's program of ANAS in the 2020/2021 academic year.

The issue on the agenda was the discussion of the issue related to the organization of the exam on "English language" for the masters of ANAS.

Noting that the exam of masters of ANAS on "English language" will be held on January 18, R.Mahmudova said that the President of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences "On holding the winter exam session for masters of ANAS" dated December 24, 2020, №469 the exam will be organized online, taking into account the quarantine regime applied in the country.
During the session, the head of the CEC gave the floor to Sevda Safarova, the leading specialist in charge of this work, to inform about the results of the educational process.

Then the English teacher A. Maharramova noted that the students participated in the lessons with enthusiasm and that the teaching materials were available to all students. He expressed confidence that students will achieve high results in the exam, despite the pandemic conditions.

Karimulla Mammadzadeh, Head of the Master's Department of the Department of Science and Education of ANAS, who participated in the seminar, expressed his satisfaction with the preparation process for the exam, said that the exams at the Institute of Information Technology are always organized at a high level and wished students success in the exam.

Farhad Yusifov, the head of the Education Department of the Institute, also took an active part in the discussions, expressed his opinion on the work done and gave some advice to the students.

At the end of the seminar, the questions of masters and group representatives were answered, programmer Ragif Ismayilov clarified the issues of interest to students regarding the online exam system.

It should be noted that, according to the Order of the President of ANAS No. 480 dated September 10, 2015, the Institute of Information Technology is entrusted with the organization of classes and exams on general and elective subjects for all masters admitted to the master's degree of the Academy.

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