The report of the Institute of Information Technology for 2020 was heard. 2020-12-25 17:43:00 / CONFERENCES

The report of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS for 2020 was heard at the online meeting of the General Meeting of the Department of Physical, Mathematical and Technical Sciences of ANAS (FRTEB) dedicated to the annual reports.

Vice-president of ANAS, chairman of the department, director of the Institute of Information Technologies, academician Rasim Alguliyev presented the report and informed about the tasks set for the institute in 2020. He noted that in the reporting year, the institute "National Strategy for the Development of Information Society in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2014-2020", "Azerbaijan 2020: Vision for the Future" Development Concept, "National Strategy for the Development of Information Society in the Republic of Azerbaijan 2016-2020- State Program for the years "," Strategic Roadmap for the development of telecommunications and information technologies in the Republic of Azerbaijan ", orders and instructions of the President of ANAS, as well as decisions of the Presidium of ANAS and the General Assembly of ANAS," National Strategy for Information Security ”(2019-2024) and the work of the Coordination Commission for Information Security. He said that the institute has scientific-theoretical, scientific-innovative, practical activities on the formation of e-science, AzScienceNet computer network, Training-Innovation Center, Public Relations Department, international scientific cooperation.

The speaker noted that the staff of the institute published 100 articles, 2 books and 8 express-information in 2020, participated in international and national conferences with 64 reports. Of the 174 scientific works published in the current year, 37 were included in authoritative databases (WoS, Scopus, etc.), and in 1979, a total of 13,460 references were recorded to the articles of the institute's staff.

The director also noted the important scientific results obtained at the institute for the current year.

He also said that a conceptual model supporting the assessment of physician-patient activity and effective medical decision-making based on content-statistical analysis of medical social media resources was proposed.

The scientist said that the journals "Information Society Problems" and "Information Technology Problems" published at the institute are included in the indexing databases of Copernicus, INSPEC, Google Scholar, Research Bib and Directory of Research Journal Indexing.

The structural components of national security in the information society have been studied and their interactions with information security have been analyzed, some threats to the electronic environment have been identified and recommendations for protection against these threats, as well as new cyber threats emerging during the COVID-19 pandemic have been analyzed. A conceptual model of automatic acquisition of scientific knowledge on the basis of artificial intelligence technologies, a multi-criteria expert method for assessing the innovative prospects of the information economy has been developed. The problems of Azerbaijani-English transliteration were also studied and a new transliteration system was proposed for the Azerbaijani-English language pair.

Speaking about the activities of the AzScienceNet scientific-computer network, R. Alguliyev said that the work on the formation of e-science information support was continued, various information systems, e-resources and websites were developed.

Measures have been taken to integrate the research institutes of ANAS into the GEANT network, and a backup fiber-optic (1 Gbit / s) communication channel has been laid to connect to this network. Work continued on the integration of e-science and e-education network infrastructures AzScienceNet and AzEduNet, providing reliable access to the Internet and GEANT.

He also said that the corresponding member of ANAS Ramiz Aliguliyev was included in the ranking list of the 2% most influential scientists of the world compiled by Stanford University.

R.Alguliyev spoke about the work done to promote and popularize scientific knowledge, the establishment of business cooperation with the media, the speeches of the institute's leaders, leading scientists and specialists in the media, the official website of the institute and he also noted the operation of the website and InfoTV Internet TV and the provision of content, presented some statistics.

He noted that 127 institute news, as well as various orders, decrees and official letters, videos were shown on InfoTV Internet television.

Employees of the institute gave interviews to electronic media, television and radio channels, made speeches on the coronavirus pandemic.

Then the report was discussed and questions were answered. The work done at the institute in 2020, the scientific research conducted was highly appreciated.

In the end, the Scientific Council of FRTEB unanimously voted in favor of the report of the Institute of Information Technology on the results of scientific research conducted this year and its submission to the Presidium of ANAS.

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