Internet Development Institute was established in Russia 2015-03-16 11:05:06 / CONFERENCES

Russian Internet Development Institute (HDI) has been established. Institute started functioning on Internet technologies, research in areas such as software development and aims mediakontent. HDI technology, the Internet and media market knowledge will be the center of the unit. Here is information collected on the situation in the Russian and foreign markets, will be analyzed in strategic development paths.


Institute of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications, Internet initiatives Development Fund, Media and Communication Association, "Liveinternet" Company, "Internet-Technology Center" was established by the regional public organization.


III non-profit organization. According to the director Sergei Alimbekovun, the organization's goal is to make a profit. However, research carried out by the staff of the institute can be a source of income.


The Supervisory Board was established at the Institute for the Development of the Internet that has in its composition, Group, "ВКонтакте", "Яндекс", "Лаборатория Касперского", "Софткей" ФОМ (Фонд общественного мнения) corporations and other organizations, such as large Internet (20 companies) were included. According to the website, the Council, in addition to the structure of the Institute's Board of Directors Club and the expert community (eg, cyber security group) included.


Note that initiated the establishment of the institute in 2014 for the first time put forward RIW-2014 Forum.

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