"According to the person's voice biometric authentication systems development methods and algorithms for the synthesis of the thesis" was discussed 2015-03-16 10:29:21 / CONFERENCES

Today, scientific seminar candidates Suxostat Lyudmila "in a person's voice biometric authentication methods and algorithms for the synthesis of systems" by presenting his thesis on the relevance, purpose, and added that the strategic tasks to achieve this goal.


He said that the aim of the thesis was the speaker for the synthesis of biometric authentication systems and təhriflərinə channel continuously changes, development of methods and algorithms have a high recognition performance.


A study that examined the current state of the problem of speaker recognition biometric identification to vote in person LSuxostat existing methods and algorithms have been studied, according to the voice recognition feature extraction methods for the preparation of said speech signals.


Speaking about the importance of practical work in the biometric speaker recognition systems developed for the synthesis methods and algorithms created a prototype of this system has been applied in many fields, he added.


Thesis research, innovation LSuxostat noted spectral feature extraction of speech signals from the empirical wavelet transform algorithm worked out by the evidence, the main tone of voice, he said, was proposed method to calculate period.


After the presentation of scientists and experts answered questions from a reporter.


Taking part in discussions PhD, Assistant Professor Z. Jabrayilova, Bikes Altun PhD in economics PhD, associate professor, and others Əlövsət the relevance of the thesis expressed in terms of importance to the field of science.


Reviewers - Farhad Jusifov techniques PhD research work Hajirahimova Makrufa sang the comments and suggestions.


Speaking of information security management of modern information society Imamverdiyev relic of the most complex and pressing issues, and that the thesis has been carried out for this purpose.


In the end, it was decided to launch the next phase of the thesis.

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