The application and perspectives of 3D printing in the fashion industry are investigated 2020-11-21 11:14:00 / CONFERENCES

The Institute of Information Technology of ANAS held an online scientific seminar on “Application and perspectives of 3D printing in the fashion industry” of the 18th department.

Zulfiya Hanifayeva, the chief specialist of the department, said that 3D printing is a production process in which any object creates three-dimensional objects in the form of layers or layers according to the 3D digital model with the help of a 3D printer. The first 3D printer was created in 1983 by Chuck Hull.

Speaking about the evolution of 3D printing, the speaker noted that it is divided into 5 stages. Laying the foundation of 3D printing (1980s), development of technology (1990s), a new stage in the development of 3D printing (2000s), acceleration of the production process (2010), 3D printing and the pandemic of COVID-19 ( 2020).

Then Z. Hanifayeva gave information about the application areas of 3D printing: “The current period can be called the 3D century. This technology is used in various fields - education, medicine, jewelry, construction, textiles, etc.”

Giving detailed information about the application of 3D printing in the fashion industry, the researcher said that 3D printers can be used to create a fantastic fashion that has never been developed before, at the same time to accelerate the process of prototyping and clothing production.

“Fashion 3D printing is an exciting process for designers and artists interested in creating intricate geometric designs and wearable arts. But, many of these designs cannot be used in everyday life ” she said.

Then Z. Hanifayeva presented a comparison of traditional clothes with 3D printed clothes. She noted that the individualization of clothes printed with new technology, perfect fit, unique structure, etc. has many advantages. However, researches show that these clothes are not comfortable and flexible for everyday use.

Speaking about design programs for 3D fashion, the speaker emphasized CAD (Computer Aided Design) program. She said that there are special CAD programs for 3D printing. This software allows you to visualize the product. Customer satisfaction can be achieved by applying any design.

“Clothing is the most complex sector of 3D printing fashion,” said the speaker, noting that it has always been difficult for designers to print elastic clothing because it is soft and mobile. This technology is more suitable for the production of rigid, inflexible parts.

The researcher also spoke about the positive effects of 3D printing on the fashion industry. She noted that as a result of 3D printing, it is possible to create unique and complex models, eliminate waste, recycle, print quickly and so on.

In the end, she spoke about the predictions for 3D printing. She noted that the introduction of 3D printing in many areas heralds the beginning of a new era in the industry. 3D printing products and services are expected to generate more than $ 40 billion in revenue by 2024.

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