A scientific seminar on GPON technology was held 2020-11-16 18:10:00 / CONFERENCES

The next online scientific seminar of the 4th department was held at the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS.

 Opening of the seminar, Deputy director for technology, PhD., associate professor Rashid Alakbarov noted that the seminar was dedicated GPON technology.

Orkhan Mansimzade, employee of the Institute, in advance provided information about GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks). He said that, GPON PON (Passive Optical Network) is the passive network from the OLT point (Optical Line Terminal) in the center, from the ONT point (Optic Network Terminal) to many points at the end point. Speaker noted that GPON supports triple-play service, high bandwidth transmission and long distance (approximately 20 km) service coverage. At the same time, GPON technology is the main choice of operators providing large network services. He introduced GPON architecture after giving an overview of PON standards (BPON, EPON, XG-PON, NGE-PON). He said that GPON uses Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology (WDM) and facilitates two-way communication over a single fiber. The researcher noted that, GPON uses two multiplexing mechanisms to separate multiple users’ upstream/downstream signals on single fiber: “Downstream data packets are transmitted by broadcasting, and packets in the direction of flow are transmitted by TDMA.” In conclusion, the speaker spoke about the advantages of GPON technology, noting that this technology saves 70% of energy and produces 22% less heat.

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