An action plan has been approved by the Institute's departments 2015-03-05 10:30:38 / CONFERENCES

Today, the next meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Information Technology.


It was a minute's silence in memory of the victims of Khojaly genocide.


The event was opened by the director of the institute, academician-secretary of the National Academy of Sciences, Academician Aliguliyev noted issues on the agenda of the event, the structural units of the Institute, to discuss plans for the year 2015, he said.


Speaking at No. 5 on the work to be done in the current department head of the department of information technology on Mobile Abdullayev terminoqrafiya spoke about the work to be performed in connection with the carrying out of the activity. The selection of the most modern terms collected in different areas of information technology, translation, classification and intended sistemləsdirilməsinin.


He noted that the international scientific cooperation and development department, as well as strengthening the human resource potential of the primary goals set in 2015.


No. 6 PhD, who presented the action plan of the department Bikes Eroglu said that the department's information technology challenges over the years, audio and electronic waste will be carried out research on scientific and socio-economic problems. To this end, e-government environment, G2G, G2B, G2C transactions on the models of speech processing methods and algorithms, users of the service is enabled for audio processing algorithms, hierarchical distributed audio service for prompt dispatch systems analysis and synthesis of audio information over networks of distributed multimedia services on issues and The study of the problems of synthesis, as well as e-waste management issues in developing countries to study and monitor the current status of e-waste management and so on. It is intended to conduct research on topics.


According to B. Agayev, scientific and innovative activities within the department will be part of a new grant projects and competitions.


No. 8 of 2015, the institute an action plan for the department of economics PhD, associate professor Əlövsət informed about the work to be done in the current year to the present. He said that his department monitoring the formation of information society and its economy, the development of models for the development of the economy through ICT to investigate the factors that influence the development of ecologically balanced, organization and management of industrial parks are planned for the development of models and mechanisms.


A. department about the activities of scientific innovation in the current economic and social systems of the management and direction of information technology consulting and information and innovation economy on the stock and organizations on issues related to the formation of scientific and theoretical basis for the submission of grant projects are expected to be stressed.


According to the department chief, Tashkent State Technical University, Turkey Stars Technopark, Belarus National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and the Institute of Economics and cooperation with relevant organizations and international affairs will be carried out during the reporting year.


Doctor of Philosophy in Physics and Mathematics, associate professor in the department T. Karimov's No. 9 of scientific-theoretical problems of information technology and information society to investigate the formation and development of effective methods of research work carried out on a variety of current topics talked about.


Board chairman of this year's race and ethnic identification on the basis of standard image processing algorithms for the formation of a biometric identification system (IEBIS), as well as biometric be noted that the study of the principles of networks. Based on the identification of traces of blood on the man's hand and gave information about the investigations.


Improved reliability analysis software on the subject of software engineering problems were also addressed the issue isləniləcəyini speaker models for this purpose.


Speaking about the work of scientists and scientific innovation department "Drawings on the basis of race and ethnic identity through computer processing methods and algorithms for determining and" Racial-Ethnic "the creation of a biometric identification system" Science Development Fund under the President of the Republic on the subject noted that the draft submitted grant .


No. 11 in the action plan of the department head of the department of the Institute Shakir Mehtiev informed about the planned activities in the current year. He noted that the research department in a corporate environment as part of the development of computer algorithms and methods for improving the quality of service is provided.


He spoke about the activities of the department of scientific innovation and practical personal computers belonging to the institutes of repair and maintenance, and enhancement of technical capabilities, the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of the local computer network and software implementation services, as well as academic institutions and organizations associated with updating and improving infrastructure plans for the future.


He said that the main building of the Presidium of the Central Office and the accompanying conferences and meetings, and so on broadcasting over the Internet. measures are included in this year's action plan.


Section 12 of the current year, the department head, who presented the work to be done in the Medina Saidova, e-science, e-libraries in the application of methods aimed at promoting opportunities bibliometrik research and development indices are intended for evaluation of scientific activity.


During the discussion on the direction of the formation of e-government and e-libraries in the digital library creation of a network of intelligent management methods to improve the efficiency of the conceptual model development was recommended.


He is also the director of the institute sector, during the financial year by PhD Nigar İsmayılova bibliometry present situation, problems and prospects for the application of neuro-fuzzy networks bibliometrik document classification issues and research areas of data mining technologies investigated bibliometrik noted maps.


MSəidovanın the current state of scientific knowledge about the preparation of financial statements in the direction of innovation, integration and systematization of scientific and technical information, IT Search and dissemination of information on scientific and practical measures, the scientific works of the institute "Wikipedia" in connection with the placement of work will be carried out.


She Electronic Library Center, "Exlibris" he stressed the importance of improving the company's Alephino Library Management System.


The employees of the institute for the ACM, IEEE, such as digital libraries, EBSCO, eIFL, and so on. With the possibility to use as a base of information to develop international cooperation, he said.


The event this year by employees of the department "do not include articles on Google Scholar base paths", "scientometric indicators to determine the" rules, "IEEE advantage of base rules on" workshops were offered.


Doctor of Science in Technology department Ramiz Aliguliyev No. 13 led to the formation of e-science research carried out this year, spoke about the development of indices for the evaluation of scientific activity, scientific and technological bases antiplagiat systems have been designed to investigate, he added.


R. Aliguliyev as well as large-volume set of data (Big Data) knowledge, detection, and management of social network analysis, parallel computing research work carried out on the directions said.


He said that employees of the department of international and national scale in the current year participation in scientific conferences and events, Scopus, Compendex, ACM Digital Library, IEEE Xplore, scientific databases, such as DBLP indeksləsən, the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic and other countries in the list will be published scientific articles in journals .


Speaking about the prospects for international cooperation department scientist said that in 2015, the establishment of scientific cooperation with the relevant authorities in Australia and Malaysia planned.


Speakers scientific innovation and hands-on activities led by their departments, taking part in national and international events, a well-known publication in scientific journals, scientific and practical results in the media associated with the implementation of promotion and advertising-marketing studies also pointed out that current measures.


Exchanged views on the reports, questions were answered.


At the end of the discussion draft plan was approved by the Scientific Council members.

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