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Today, the Institute of Information Technology (IIT) I.Nasimi of the Institute of Linguistics of the research institution devoted to the joint seminar of the International Mother Language Day.


Familiarized themselves with the guests in the institute innovative, they were informed about the material-technical base.


Director of the Institute of Information Technology, National Academy of Sciences, Academician-Secretary, academic Aliguliyev stressed the importance of the event, opened the seminar. Recognition as the official state language of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, the scientist said that he attaches great importance to the development of language at all times. Preserve the authenticity of our language, develop and improve the image of the scientist said that the basic principle of state policy in the field of linguistics, talked about the necessity of protecting the national ideological principles. Implemented by the government for the protection of the language by providing information about the work, and so on improving the use of our language. In connection with the settlement of obligations arising from the orders received and noted that the importance of the work done. He noted that President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan "approved the use of language and linguistics in the context of globalization in accordance with the requirements of the State Program on the development of" a number of tasks in the relevant agencies. He is saying that many of the tasks associated with the Azerbaijani language for the development of ICT in the country, along with other organizations, some work being carried out by ITU noted.


Acceleration of the country's integration into the global information space, virtual space, the science, culture, history and language of Azerbaijani Internet resources to promote the importance of increasing the number and quality reported.


The national wealth of the material in any language, cultural heritage, which is one of the most important tools in the development and promotion of the Institute of Linguistics, academic T. Hajiyev, 21 February International Mother Language Day by UNESCO confirmed as the cause of the increased focus on the fact that the whole world into your home conveyed. According to him, the International Mother Language Day is celebrated in different countries around the world since 2000: "This is a momentous day is aimed at protecting the language and culture of the people. Fortunately, they live in countries all over the world are holding a series of events related to this day. "


Director of the Institute of Linguistics Department of Computer linguistics, philology Kamila Valiyeva "Actual problems of computer linguistics," a lecture on the history of the computer linguistics, formation stages and talked about the major problems. He noted that in the 60s of XX century of human intellectual activity in computer linguistics is a science to prepare a mathematical model of natural languages. His research object machine translation, speech recognition, and focused on a number of other practical issues.


"Automatic recognition of dialects", a senior research fellow of the Institute of Linguistics of the present report, PhD Rasim Heydərov continuous noise for speech recognition, fewer errors observed in the establishment of a credible system of the main challenges of modern science, he added. According to him, speech recognition systems, computers, cars, robots, and other facilities will be managed through speech.


"In recent years, speech recognition systems is as a task in the face of law enforcement agencies," - he said the reporter areas of application of these systems.


Director of Institute of Information Technology sector in the formation and development of computer science terminology Afruz Qurbanova talking out of experience in the field of terminology, terminology international standards, terminology, which requires a new approach to performance factors, stages of the formation and development of computer science terminology, gave detailed information about trends.


The level of development of society, politics, economics, culture, and reflecting the fundamental components of all types of professional activities determined by the condition that the terminology in the field of computer science terminology that promote the scientific and theoretical research report analyzes the advantages and prospects of terminological knowledge base, he said.


He is also the terminology of the International Information Centre (INFOTERM) and the International Network for Terminology (TermNet) activity, they noted that the projects carried out by the terminology of the importance of the development of national standards with international standards, he said.


E.Qurbanov drew participants' attention in this area and the results of research conducted at the institute.


"Onomastic information: Realities and Prospects", who delivered a lecture on a research fellow of the Institute of Linguistics, PhD Yedgar Cəfərov the 40s of the last century were the subject of extensive research onomastikanın until recently, according to the history, geography, linguistics and the unity of science, have been reviewed. "With the rapid development of ICT in the areas of computer science research should be added onomastikanın", - he said YCəfərov used in the virtual space of science expressed conglomeration of all proper names. The reporter gathered here digit databases, electronic maps, navigation tools, and the use of Internet search engines, as well as the functionality of the virtual communications have access to all the onomastic units, he said.


Onomastic object and subject of computer science, goals and objectives, as well as the work done so far, foreign research centers in this area, which is the core of computer science in terms of functionality ono ono units - virtual antroponimlər and talked about domain names. YCəfərov domain names as well as the existing problems and their solutions informed about.


Sabina post-graduate institute Mammadzadeh "Transliteration: current status, problems and prospects", made a presentation. Established in transliteration, transliteration of the books in different languages, names, titles and surnames correct spelling of foreign names and foreign passports, the Internet search relevantlıgı, facilitate the exchange of information and the protection of national problems indentikliyin said.


Speaking on the importance of the virtual space transliteration of foreign experience in this field, referring to the transliteration standards adopted by the various states - converting tables presented.


Speaking about the current state of technology, post-graduate from IIT speech Suxostat Lyudmila said that the speech semantic, linguistic, articulation and acoustic levels, a number of changes that occur as a result of a complex signal. Səslərindəki people anatomical differences in their sound tract and speaking styles that arises as a result of differences, it is also possible to use a variety of speech technologies.


According to the speaker, the core speech technologies, machine translation, speech recognition and emotions, speech synthesis and voice recognition are related.


Electronic medical speech technologies, FORENSIC VOICE expertise, distance learning, voice control, and other areas that have been applied to the analysis and processing of speech used for LSuxostat also noted that software products. Promising technologies in the areas of speech emphasized the importance of the language widely used for the analysis.


In the end, discussions were held around. Discussions IIT chief engineer, PhD Rashid Alekperov, doctor of technical sciences, professor Masuma Mammadov, senior research fellow of the Institute of Linguistics Courtesy Gaziyeva Monitoring Department, the institute offers doctoral and recommendations expressed by Səringul Ziyadova and others.

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