A smart bracelet designed to identify harmful and wholesome foods in supermarkets 2020-01-09 15:40:00 / TECHNOLOGİCAL İNNOVATİONS

At the CES 2020 Electronics Show in Las Vegas (USA), they showed a “smart” bracelet that allows you to determine which food in the supermarket should not be bought, and which, on the contrary, should be. The gadget scans barcodes and signals the usefulness or harm of products using a multi-colored LED.

And how does the device know which food is harmful and which is healthy? After all, the usefulness or harmfulness of a product is, after all, a rather individual characteristic. And here we get to the main thing - the analysis is based on data obtained from DNA testing. That is, to use a “smart” bracelet, you must first pass your genetic material for special testing.

According to planet-today.ru, if your DNA says that you have a tendency to diseases of the cardiovascular system, then the gadget will consider harmful all products that doctors usually do not recommend to the core. And useful products for you will be, accordingly, precisely those that are advised by specialists. With other diseases the same thing.

The only “but” is that in order to submit your DNA for analysis, you need to go to London, because the DnaNudge startup is based there. But in the foreseeable future this problem will be solved - the creators of innovative technology promise to arrange mail delivery of biomaterials for testing.

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