The next seminar was held at the Institute 2015-02-13 17:31:32 / CONFERENCES

The next seminar was held today at the Institute of Information Technology.


The event was opened by the director of the institute, academic Aliguliyev informed about the issues on the agenda. One of the most important issues facing the seminar, which was dedicated to writing research papers. He noted that the report, taking into account the current practice focuses on international requirements.


"How to write a scientific article, How to choose the magazine?" Presented a report on the department head of the institute, Doctor of Science in Technology Ramiz Aliguliyev stages of writing the article, structure, selection of magazines, articles, links, enhancing the performance evaluation of intellectual, literary styles and so on. briefed.


The emergence of the idea of the article, saying that the stages of research and writing of the article strukurunun speaker stressed the importance of properly. According to him, the title of the article should be short, to attract the attention of the reader and it should be pointed out about the article.


R. Aliguliyev summary of an article speaking about his description, critical, informative and graphic species, he said. He said that the summary should be included in the content of the work, and it should reflect the main content of the text.


Speaking about the magazine's rating criteria that determine the importance of scientific articles published in journals with impact factor, he said, the h-index, eigen-factor, and so on 5-year impact factor. noted that the evaluation criteria.


The article describes the main parts of his links to the resources, articles, etc. to share. ways to increase the number of citations in ways that increase the probability of impact factor is expressed Aliguliyev R. said: "High-referential to ask the authors of articles, the journal of high-referential, including a reference identify articles, online publications and articles inform authors and reviewers, and others of interest to them. improvement can be achieved with the impact factor ".


It is also commonly used keywords in the article, log, review writing, methodology, reflecting the results of research from scientific innovations that help the reader to understand the importance of the article and gave detailed information about the preparation of the list of literature.


The report was welcomed by the participants, many questions were answered.

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