December 9 - The first computer "mouse" day of establishment of flour 2014-12-09 13:46:46 / CONFERENCES

9 December 1968, the first computer "mouse" arises out of the day. Douglas Enqelbartın wheeled wooden bricks, which was a key invention. Computer mouse wire in the name of "bound" - the inventors resembled a mouse tail.


Bill English engineers developed the first mouse. Jeff Rulifsondur author of the software. There were two metal disk inside the device, the device became one of them when moving from the second movement of the mouse to the left and right side "was responsible". According to the website, then the idea of Enqelbartın "Xerox" was of interest to the company. The company changed its modern design of the device mauslara researchers brought in a similar situation. In early 1970 as part of Xerox introduced the first personal computer mouse. There were three key plant at a cost of $ 400.


In 1983, the "Apple" Lisa computer mouse button prepared for. Mouse Apple Macintosh computers, and later expanded the use of the Windows operating system for the IBM PC had won him great popularity.


Today, there are mechanical and optical mauslar. The latest technological innovation in the wireless Maus. Earlier in the transmission of signals for each manufacturer has their own method. But later began to be used more widely to connect Bluetooth-connection

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