The following scientific seminar of the Institute of Information Technology held 2014-12-03 17:12:10 / CONFERENCES

The next seminar was held at the Institute of Information Technology. The event was opened by the director of the institute, academician-secretary of the National Academy of Sciences, Academician Aliguliyev informed about the issues on the agenda.


Then PhD Farhad Jusifov "Experience the world of e-government qurucuguna: proposed innovative models, problems and prospects", presented the report. He has international experience in this field, the construction of e-government requirements in European countries, the stages of e-government, e-government in building innovative models, informed about the existing problems, and noted that a number of recommendations. He noted that the research carried out in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Estonia, European Union countries studied practices in the field of e-government.


3 major e-government building in the world - a continental-European, Anglo-American, Asian, - as well as e-government development index among the countries of the Soviet Union High pillərdə models that are widely used in Estonia, he said. It is also available in the field of innovative projects, scientific journals, and added that the international conferences.


Babak Nəbiyev sector chief, "Network traffic classification method" automated process to deliver a lecture on traffic classification based on parameters set by the network traffic klassifikasiyasının, that divides the concrete classes. He noted that the planning of the network traffic classification, QoS and Internet traffic management, monitoring network security, cybercrime, it is important for the development of network applications and technologies. The speaker, as well as an overall view of the traffic flow, hierarchical classification, the most commonly used methods in this area and noted that the existing approaches.


"Traits of low-level signals from the method of speech" made Suxostat Lyudmila about. He signs of speech signals, the empirical wavelet change (EWT), speech and other signs of low-level signals. informed about. Short-term spectrum of speech signals, spectral, temporal, and other sound source. The qruplasdırıldıgını said. Speaker recognition system, recordings of these problems, the reporter noted that the current problems and channel conditions, volatility, volume volatility over time, and the similarity of the vote. associated with that. He noted that the family of signal-adapted wavelet method is to establish the frequency of the EWT is to establish a set of filters zolaqlanmıs.


In the end, exchanged views on the lectures, questions and suggestions were performed. During the discussions, doctor of technical sciences, professor Masuma Mammadov, doctor of technical sciences Ramiz Aliguliyev, PhD techniques Rashid Alekperov, she Jabrayilova, Ali Altun, Bikes Altun and economics PhD, associate professor Əlövsət Aliyev took part.

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