Management of e-learning environment is researched 2014-11-28 18:12:57 / CONFERENCES

No. 10 Institute of Information Technology Department, delivered a report on the current year.


Make a report to the Branch Manager, Ali Altun PhD research studies conducted within the framework of the information society, information technology and scientific-theoretical problems in the study of the formation and development of effective methods taken in the direction pointed out. He noted that the management of e-learning environment, its methodological principles and standards for the education system in ICT, research is underway to develop a model of harmonization with international standards.


The lecturer in the department of scientific and pedagogical activity this year, he spoke about the work carried out, the doctoral students by employees of the department "Computer Science" courses have been taught and individual perception of the examination was carried out.


Management of e-learning environment for e-learning environment, conceptual and methodological foundations views F. speaking, intelektuallasdırma problems, architecture and other e-learning system. continuation of the scientific research directions.


F. employees of the department during the year took place in scientific and technical conferences and symposia, seminars sobədaxili been devoted to various problems and stressed that the articles published in scientific journals known.


During the discussions, the chief engineer of the institute, PhD Rashid Alekperov, economics PhD, associate professor Thereafter Aliyev, doctor of technical sciences, professor Masuma Mammadov, head of the Center for Educational Innovation their suggestions and recommendations expressed Rasmiya Makhmudova participate.

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