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The next seminar was held at the Institute of Information Technology. The event was opened by the director of the institute, academic Aliguliyev seminar was devoted to the issues of e-health. "The scientific aspects of electronic medical problems should be one of the priorities of the Institute of Information Technology," the scientist said in a report today in the field of e-health as the first scientific approach to electronic medical problems associated with the study stressed the importance of scientific research.


He reported that "Azerbaijan-2020: Concept of" a variety of medical electronic registers to monitor the health of the population, citizens' electronic health card "and was declared the establishment of an integrated health information system. Also the guidance of the scientific bases for e-health as the pioneer in the scientific study of the task: "our goal is to promote scientific body in this direction before the community, e-medicine will be getting the results of research and scientific institutions of higher education to all, young professionals involved in conducting this research is doing."


According to scientists, in-depth and comprehensive review of the electronic medical problems in our country for the development of the industry will push for significant achievements. E-health is one of the most promising areas of the greatest achievements of the leading countries of the information society and refers to this area.


Then the doctor of technical sciences, professor Masuma Mamedov, "E-health: The purpose of the essence of the modern state of scientific problems and prospects", a report was presented. He said that he applied to at least one of the areas of information technologies in medicine. However, in a globalizing world, the rapid development of modern technologies and so on. the application of information technology in medicine was inevitable. Electronic health - information and communication technologies (ICT) and medical services in the field of information exchange in the interests of all participants in the process of providing the services and tools for the complex.


Speaking about the factors that determine the formation of E-medicine for diagnosis and treatment of diseases in light of the widespread use of high-tech equipment, formed in the course of patient treatment data collection, storage and processing technology has changed marginally noted. He said that the demographic processes - a decline in births in developed countries, the percentage increase in the elderly population aging and, in the developing world - an important factor in the rapid growth of the young population. State (healthcare), while the goal is that no part of society remain outside of health care.


He noted that the quality of medical care provided to the population, accessibility of services to the health care system, increase public awareness about their own health and so on. The main goals of e-health.


The creation of an electronic medical application of a number of key areas that involve significant results, including electronic medical cards (ETK) application, the automation of registration, documentation, archiving and maintaining electronic form. included.


E-speaking reporter noted that international experience in the medical field, this field is not present in the single-world experience: "In developed countries, the creation of the state of e-health services that are available in different models, they also depend on the principles of healthcare financing and organization." He said that the US, Canada, Norway, Finland and others. the important achievements in the field of e-medicine countries. He spoke about e-medicine in different models, their essence, gave information about the pluses and minuses.


Report information on the development of e-health continues M.Mammadova In May 2010, the Ministry of Health noted that the establishment of the Health Ministry's Information Center.


Requests sent to the Ministry of Health and the online monitoring of application letters, medical examination card online booking, domestic production of imported goods and hygiene products to receive certificate and adoption papers, vaccination, etc. on the date of notification via SMS. e-services provided by the ministry.


Prof. Problems that require the support of medical research in the field of e-M.Mammadova spoke. According to him, a large-scale data (Big Data) based on new technologies for health, medical and biological diagnostics education, tele-consultation, through the provision of training in virtual anatomical tables and 3D medical data security, e-health and the provision of software and hardware tools, etc. . problems of e-medical science.


The speaker, as well as the CIS states, e-health, telemedicine, e-health perspectives in Azerbaijan, and trends in the field of scientific conferences, scientific journals and so on. brought to the attention of the business.


At the end exchanged views. A series of articles on the report, review, including the rapid development of information and was advised to promote their respective academic institutions. It was noted that the state program on the development of the formation and development of e-medicine, and scientific support for the formation of a conceptual review requirements of modern science. Carrying out important projects in the field of information technology and scientific achievements in our institute as an organization should contribute to the development of e-medicine.


At the end of the event, head of the department Shakir Mehtiev 3D-printers, images of the working principles of the facilities, the department head Anar Samidov Adobe MAX, etc. Tachpadlar. reflecting the new technologies introduced as interesting videos. Note that the main purpose of these reports, such as employees of the institute in the field of information and communication technologies from around the world to get to know the latest developments and scientific seminars and increasing efficiency.

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