• Dicussion of AzScienceNet’s daily activity, identification of technical policy, the implementation of the current works etc. are realized by Management Board of AzScienceNet operating attached to Institute of Information Technologies. Structure and staff of AzScienceNet include:


  • Management structure of AzScienceNet:
    1. Presidium of ANAS
    2. ANAS Institute of Information Technologies
    3. Management Board of AzScienceNet attached to Institute of Information Technologies


  • Staff of Management Board of AzScienceNet


Chair – Active member of ANAS, doctor of technical science, prof. R. Alguliyev

Chair assistant – PhD in technical sciences R. Alekberov

Secretary – A.Gurbanova


AzScienceNet Administartor - T.Mustafayev
Chief of AZ-CERT service - PhD in technical sciences Y.Imamverdiyev
Chief of Technical service - M.Rashidov
Chief of AzScienceNet services - J.Agashov
Chief of Monitoring and information security service – B.Nabiyev

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