• AzScienceNet scientific computer network provides institute and organizations of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences via modern network services that are necessary for implementation of the scientific-research, scientific-practical and educational issues.
  • Creation of AzScienceNet allows for integration of scientific-research and education environment of Azerbaijan to Europe’s education sphere, utilization of technology and services according world standards in our country, and researchers’ more effective operation in current condition.
  •  The main purpose of AzScienceNet is providing high-speed, secure access to global Internet for users within 24 hours.
  • AzScienceNet provides a large number of Internet services for users (hosting, e-mail, electronic libraries, distance education, AzScienceCERT, eduroam, etc.). Ensure of AzScienceNet infrastructure via new telecommunications and server equipment, on the implementation of various Internet services over them, and its integration to the world as well as to the European different network infrastructures will be accelerated.
  •  AzScienceNet plays a role of experimental base in the direction of scientific-research works had held by Institute of Information Technologies and staff training in the field of network technologies.
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