Microsoft installed a data center with 864 servers on the sea floor 2018-06-13 11:51:00 / INTERESTING INFORMATION

Microsoft created an underwater data center with 864 servers at a depth of 35.5 meters near the Orkney Islands in Scotland. This is stated in a message from Microsoft.

The data center is connected to a power source and the Internet by an underwater cable that stretches to the Orkney Islands. It is planned that the servers will use sea water for cooling in order to reduce the cost of their maintenance - a huge amount of money is spent on cooling systems of data servers, because high-performance servers allocate a lot of heat.

In the next year the company will analyze the state of the data center, the temperature inside the capsules and the tightness of the case. According to the developers, such a data center is designed for at least five years of operation without the need for maintenance.

Three years ago, Microsoft already tested this technology - then a small data center was installed on the ocean floor near California. The whole server stood at the bottom of the sea for 105 days, but experts continued to work on the creation of a similar device.


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