Chinese school using facial recognition to analyze students' emotions 2018-06-11 13:00:00 / INTERESTING INFORMATION

It seems that China today is ahead of the whole planet, if we talk about tracking our own citizens. Not so long ago, we talked about special sensors that monitor the mood of employees in enterprises. Today we will talk about the technology of face recognition, which is used to monitor high school students in Hangzhou.

Every 30 seconds, face recognition technology captures the faces of students who are in the classrooms of High School No. 11 in Hangzhou. The task of technology is to determine the mood of each student. She classifies states as happy, angry, frightened, embarrassed or upset. In addition, the system captures the actions of students and understands when they write, read, answer the teacher or sleep during classes.

Such a tracking system is used primarily to improve the effectiveness of the learning process, but it also helps to prevent possible incidents in educational institutions.

It is worth noting that the data of students are safe. The system does not store pictures from classrooms. In addition, all data is stored locally and does not go to the cloud.

Perhaps not every student will like the fact that it is watched every 30 seconds, but there are also tangible advantages of using the face recognition system for them. For example, students are not required to carry any identification cards or cards. The face recognition system works in the school cafeteria and library.


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