Chinese scientists have developed nanorobots that can fight cancer 2018-03-09 10:00:00 / INTERESTING INFORMATION

Scientists from the Chinese Center for Nanoscience and Technology say that they have succeeded in creating and testing the world's first autonomous DNA nanorobots capable of successfully resisting malignant tumors. Each such nanorobot is very small, and it can not be seen with the naked eye. In size, the nanobot is 5000 times smaller than the tip of the needle, Xinhua news agency reports.

The DNA-based robot has a tubular structure, and its length is only about 90 nanometers. The diameter of the baby is 19 nanometers. Due to its design, nanorobots will help to conduct research and will independently find tumors, and then block the blood supply of malignant growth. After that, the tumor will begin to break down in a few weeks or even days - such results were obtained by a team of researchers during the testing of new robots. Nanorobots were injected into mice, and the results showed a significant decrease, and often complete regression of the tumor, within a few days or weeks.

Now scientists are conducting preclinical research and are hoping to translate this revolutionary technology into a viable antitumor therapy.

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