Smartphones of the future: Analysts figured out what to expect by 2023 2018-01-26 10:00:00 / INTERESTING INFORMATION

Analysts from the United States made a new report, which predicts which smartphones should be expected in 2023. According to preliminary data, in the future every smartphone will have artificial intelligence.

It is reported that by 2023 all smartphones will have AI-chips, and this is regardless of the cost of the gadget. Also in five years, smartphones will increasingly be used to authenticate access to homes, offices and hotel rooms, as well as cars, buses and banking services. GPS receivers are likely to become more accurate, providing accurate position information - up to 30 cm, versus 5 m in 2017. The average smartphone in 2023 will have a memory capacity of 128 GB or more, compared to 32 GB in 2018. The amount of RAM is likely to be from 2 to 16 GB.

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