A new version of the website of the Shemakha Astrophysical Observatory was presented 2017-07-17 12:00:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

At the Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS, a new version of the website of the Shemakha Astrophysical Observatory (ShAO) was presented.

The event was attended by academician-secretary of ANAS, director of the institute, academician Rasim Alguliyev, director of ShAO, corresponding member of ANAS, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Namig Jalilov, deputy director-doctor of philosophy in physics and mathematics Elchin Babayev, Ph.D. in physics Khidir Mikailov, the scientific secretary, the doctor of philosophy in astronomy Orkhan Khalilov, as well as specialists of both structures.

Opening the event with an opening address, Academician Rasim Alguliyev greeted the personel of the Shemakha Astrophysical Observatory and  congratulated all on this remarkable day.

The scholar, informing  the audience about the history of the first website in science.gov.az in Azerbaijan, noted that the site began to function in 1995 precisely in its structure. The academician stressed that the rapid development of information and communication technologies in recent times dictates the need for reconstruction of websites in Azerbaijan on the basis of modern requirements, and the academy as an active part of society also connected to this process.

R.Alguliyev noted that the management of ANAS constantly pays attention to the development of scientific institutions located in the regions of the country and carries out targeted measures in this direction. The scientist underscored the indisputable role of new technologies and media in popularizing scientific achievements of the country, in operatively bringing the scientific results of scientists to the world scientific community.

The scientist stressed that the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, attaches great importance to the development of science and education, the integration of scientists into the world science, and regularly makes important decisions in this field. Thus, the development of the material and technical base of the Shemakha Observatory opened wide opportunities for the staff of this structure for more fruitful activities. The new website, in turn, as part of the official information policy of the state, along with the activities of the observatory, will also cover events that have taken place in domestic and world astronomical science.

Gulnara Nabibekova, the head of the department of the Institute of Information Technologies, then informed  about the requirements related to the security of the website "www.shao.az".

G. Nabibekova said that the site was prepared by the Institute specialists in accordance with the "Requirements for the creation and management of information Internet resources of state bodies", approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan, and the requirements of the Special State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Noting that the security of the site is provided at a high level, she said that the website "www.shao.az" is located in the Data Center of the Scientific and Computer Network AzScienceNet.

Then, Afruz Gurbanova, the head of the institute's sector, spoke in connection with the information policy "www.shao.az". She noted that the website plays an important role in organizing high-level propaganda of scientific activity, as well as meeting the needs of society for scientific information. She brought to the attention that in order to promote the site's activities, maintaining the relevance of information support is one of the main conditions.

Programmer Yusif Sadiev, in detail informing about the website, noted that the main page of the site includes the following sections: "About the Observatory", "Official Documents", "Scientific Activity", "Scientific Organizational Activity", "Dissertation Council" , "Scientific editions", "News", "Media" and "Communication".

Namig Jalilov, director of the ShAO, who spoke later, stressed that the sites play a big role in promoting the activities of institutions and organizations. He noted that a new website prepared with high professionalism and modern requirements will create ample opportunities for participation of this structure in megaprojects in the field of astronomy.

The deputy director of the observatory, Elchin Babayev, in his speech thanked the specialists of the Institute for their services in the creation of the website and expressed confidence in the development of cooperation between the two structures.

In conclusion, the employee of the observatory, Elnur Mammadli, was awarded a certificate for the successful completion of the management course shao.az.

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