WhatsApp uses a billion people every day 2017-07-28 11:00:00 / INTERESTING INFORMATION

The WhatsApp messenger team shared another record: its daily audience (the number of people opening the application at least once a day) reached a billion people. Thus, every seventh to eighth person on the planet is a user of the Facebook communication service.

Daily in WhatsApp are sent 55 billion text messages, 4.5 billion images and 1 billion video, hitech.vesti.ru reports. The application is available in 60 languages.

A year and a half ago, in February 2016, WhatsApp was already talking about reaching a billion audience, but then it was about the indicator for the month. Now the monthly audience of the messenger is 1.3 billion people. For comparison, here are the indicators of the monthly audience of other Facebook-owned services: Instagram - 700 million, Messenger - 1.2 billion and Facebook itself - 2 billion.

Thus, the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg is the undisputed world leader in the personal communications market. True, the audience of the various services mentioned above certainly cross, and the total number of users on all platforms in Facebook does not provide.

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