Robot-mason became a millionaire and will work in Saudi Arabia 2017-11-28 10:15:00 / MARAQLI MƏLUMATLAR

A year ago, Fastbrick Robotics showed a demo video in which she talked about her new robot-mason Hadrian X. The principle of the robot's work resembled a 3D printer, but instead of a special mixture for printing, the robot used bricks, spreading them one by one according to a predetermined program. The robot was quite successful and over the past year attracted the attention of customers and investors who invested in the company solid funds. In addition, the company was able to raise about $ 35 million by placing its shares on the stock exchange.

The robot-mason turned out to be so good that it is planned to use it for building houses in Saudi Arabia, reports. According to a preliminary agreement between the government of the kingdom and company representatives, by 2022 Hadrian X will be able to build at least 50,000 new homes.

Now, when the company has funds, the developers pay special attention to testing and finalizing existing prototypes. It is expected that sales of robots will begin in 2019 at a price of $ 2 million apiece. The robot-mason Hadrian X is able to work independently on a pre-programmed program, therefore, it is practically not required to help a person. Work he can around the clock, stacking 1000 bricks per hour, which is the daily rate for a team of bricklayers of two people.

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