Academician Rasim Alguliev: "AzScienceNet network supports the foreign policy implemented by the state" 2018-07-03 15:59:00 / CONFERENCES

Academician-secretary of ANAS, Director of Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, academician Rasim Alguliev stressed that at the event "Role of GEANT network in integration of science and education of Azerbaijan into Europe».

Speaking about the history of AzScienceNet science network, the scientist pointed out that in the 80s of the last century AzScienceNet network was established on the base of x25 technologies (Akademset network) and in 1991 TCP / IP technology. He noted that the infrastructure and technical capabilities of the AzScienceNet network were strengthened within the "Virtual Silk Road" project implemented by the NATO Science Committee in 2003. In 2015, the network joined the European Science and Education Network (GEANT).

The scientist noted that AzScienceNet network represents Azerbaijan EaPConnect (Eastern Partnership Connect) project.

AzScienceNet network covers the institutions and organizations of ANAS, as well as scientific departments of the academy, and said that the network's access to the Internet was implemented through the provider of "Delta Telecom", R. Alguliyev noted.

The director of the institute spoke about the management structure of AzScienceNet and noted that it consists of Network Operations Center, DATA Center, Internet Service Centers, Network Security and AzScienceCERT centers.

The scientist said that the communication infrastructure of the AzScienceNet network was built on the fiber-optic cable with the support of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies. He added that 41 institutes and organizations of ANAS joined AzScienceNet at 1,41 Gbps through this line.

According to the speaker, 100% of employees of ANAS institutions and organizations were provided with broadband Internet through AzScienceNet network, and scientists and specialists had been able to use computing power with 17 Tiffops supercomputers to solve complex issues.

Talking about AzScienceNet's services, R. Alguliev spoke about Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, "ownCloud", Cluster Computation, Hosting, Eduroam, Distributed Multiple-Info Information Services, Operational Information, Video Conferencing, Multimedia Gallery, E-Library, distance learning services.

He noted that through the videoconferencing system based on AzScienceNet platform, employees of the regional scientific divisions of ANAS will have the opportunity to participate in meetings with the Presidium of the Presidium of ANAS on the basis of the "Electronic Presidency" model.

The scientist also said that the creation of Distant Learning Centers in the regions through the network offers a wide range of opportunities for distance learning from doctoral and dissertants, conducting online seminars and conferences, gathering of distinguished guests and Nobel Prize winners in Baku, strengthening inter-country and international cooperation among scientists.


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