China announced the launch of the mobile communication standard 6G 2018-03-13 15:52:00 / INTERESTING INFORMATION

The Chinese adopted the standard of connection with the sixth standard of the conquest. The 13th Annual Meeting of the High Representative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (WIPO) was held in Miao Wei on the sidelines of the Ministerial Conference on Industrialization and Information Technologies.

According to the Minister, "the fastest technological opportunity ensures that only mobile communication between people is intercepted by means of mobile communication, but not between the human person and the machine, and also the machines are not necessarily".

The department has forbidden that the separate areas of the "Internet of things", the production and use of unmanned transport means, are to use some time, rather than to justify friendships.

It has been added that, "all-in-one machinery", which is one of the key tasks of the development and development of the new connection. By the way, the trend is unobtrusive - most of the worker's tasks are delegated to the car.

The Internet of Things concept suggests that you can connect different devices with the built in sensors in the volume to the maximum, to maximize the resolution of the overarching tasks, to enrich the process of the task, the whole or part of the personality of the person. The government 's plan to scale up the "Internet" scale of the 2020s will surpass the budget of 4 trillion Yuan ($ 610 billion).

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