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The British store Safestore published a list of the most expensive, rare video games. Today, the original cartridges with them are estimated at tens of thousands of dollars!

So, Gamma Attack - Atari 2600. This is the only game produced by Gammation (it specializes in the production of controllers and accessories for the console). It is surprisingly rare - so far only one cartridge has been seen on the market. Because of this, it is the most expensive - it costs about $ 500,000, reports.

Stadium Events - NES. This is a sports game, for which a special interactive rug was needed, according to which the player must run or jump, participating in 4 Olympic sports (hundred-meter, long jump, 100m run with barriers and triple jump). The game, the "prototype" of modern games on the Wii console, a few months later came out in a new form - that's why the first, the original version costs more. It can be purchased for 35,000 dollars.

Birthday Mania - Atari 2600. Also very rare game, which includes a number of mini-games. In one of them it is necessary, for example, to blow out the candles, and gradually the gameplay becomes faster and more complex. By the way, when evaluating the game, look at the packaging - the better its condition, the higher the cost. Birthday Mania costs 35,000 dollars, although at the output (in 1984) it cost no more than 20.

Air Raid - Atari 2006. It must shoot down alien flying saucers, attacking Manhattan. The task is not to give a blow to each of the buildings more than 12 times. Today the game costs 33,500 dollars.

Super Mario Bros Asia Cover - NES. The game itself is not such a rarity - we know almost every gamer. The high cost ($ 22,000!) Concerns the Asian version of the game - which is written in both English and Cantonese.

Nintendo World Championships Gold Edition - NES. The game consists of several mini-games, including such as Tetris, Rad Racer and Super Marion Bros. Her "golden" edition was not on sale, but was awarded as a prize for winning the Nintendo Power magazine contest. This circumstance makes the game surprisingly rare and raises its price to 21 000 dollars!

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