In the US and Britain, the world's first bot-advocate 2017-07-14 12:45:00 / INTERESTING INFORMATION

British businessman Joshua Browder has developed a bot-lawyer for a long time. Before launching it across America, Browder tested in New York, Seattle and the UK. Now a bot-lawyer using artificial intelligence to provide free online consultations is available to all Americans who want to obtain the necessary legal information.

Initially, the development of Browder helped people deal with fines for parking and last year was able to deal with 160 thousand cases, reports. Now the Bot DoNotPay is substantially improved and is versed in different branches of law - for this the developer hired lawyers who contributed to the expansion of the outlook of the program.

The bot collects information about each question, communicating with users, and then learns and draws conclusions based on the data received and analyzed. Having received from the user the necessary data, the AI can even compose the text of the claim and is able to give some recommendations for the future.

However, to a full legal advice from a competent and talented lawyer bot is still far away. Some of his "colleagues" are already helping people in some banks and companies, doing routine work and freeing specialists time for more complex tasks, but there is no need to talk about full replacement of people with bufering.

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